Samsung Galaxy S21 Smart LED Case Review

So, I have using the Samsung Galaxy S21 Smart LED Case for a little over a month now. If you are planning to get one, perhaps you would like to read my take on this case before doing so.

Overall, I have mixed feeling about this case. In fact, I have mixed feeling about any case. I don’t get how manufacturer keep boasting about nice their phone look and how good it feels in the hands, and the next moment, introduces a bunch of cases. It’s the most duh moment.

Seriously, what’s the point of having a beautiful form that will be perpetually shrouded? I get it about protecting it, but by today’s standards, all phone should be tough as a nut and able to resist drops. Period.

Anywho, I was intrigued by this case when it first came out for S20 and so, I thought I’d experience the hype, or lack thereof, myself.

The Packaging

Samsung Galaxy S21 Smart LED Case Review

Nothing to shout about really. It is just a simple packaging as it should to minimize unnecessary material use. It comes with a document for how to use it and that’s about it.

The Build

There’s no doubt that Samsung makes quality product and the same can be said for this case. It feels solid and the plastic material feels good quality too.

There are two buttons – one rocker for the volume and one for the power button, and they are both very solidly built. Nothing loose. They provide very satisfy tactile clicks which is totally my cuppa.

The case has a lovely matte finish which I dig, but this also brings about one problem. More on that in a bit.

The Design

Samsung Galaxy S21 Smart LED Case Review

Even if it is a case, it has a few details that makes it a good case. In the case (no pun intended) of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Smart LED Case, it has a raised front to prevent the screen from coming into contact with the surface when placed face down.

And placing face down is what you want to do with this case because, how else will you get to see the wonderful LED image? As a matter of fact, it has to be face down every so often if you want to see anything at all.

The bottom has an open end design which means, cable connector physical size don’t matter.

On the downside, it has no guide and for a lousy “aimer” like me, I sometimes miss the port and over time, it will scratch the phone.

The case is THICK due to the electronics it has in there, but because of this, the camera module is totally protected and it does so without creating a tunnel vision.


Samsung Galaxy S21 Smart LED Case Review

The word “smart” has been unnecessarily overused. I quite see this case as “smart”. However, if you think calling up different LED images for incoming calls, messages and whatnot, is “smart”, well then, I guess it is smart?

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To me, the LED feature is nothing more of a novelty. Especially for someone who does not have the habit of placing the phone face down.

The LED is a little cranky at times too. It works fine for incoming messages and et cetera, but not for shaking, placing it face down or picking it up – all of which can trigger an LED image. Half of the time it does not work for me.

If I can be honest, it becomes a novelty that wears out in minutes. I am not even exaggerating. After a while, I stop looking at it.

The LED is customizable, btw. And it works as advertised to certain extend. You can assigned pre-made LED images to the actions or notifications, or doodle your very own.

But your creativity is limited by the pixels which are, well, very little to play with (16 by 16 pixels). Then again, I may lack of the talent to fully utilize it.

LED image and customization are available through the app preinstalled on the S21 device.

The LED feature is not entirely novelty, though. It can be quite useful for taking photos of yourself or your group when using the rear camera with timer. It can show the timer so that subjects can get ready for the shutter to click. That, perhaps, is the only handy feature IMHO.

And oh, it pretty bright too. It is very visible in broad day light and super bright in the dark. Unfortunately, it does not have provision to adjust the brightness. So, it may be an annoyance in places like theaters.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Smart LED Case Review

The Feel

How the case feel on your hand? Well, if you live in a humid area, you will probably feel it sticks to your hand. But in a dry region where your hands are super dry, this matte finish is slippery.

In a cold environment such as an air-conditioned room, the case does feel slippery. When I am out about and the hands get a touch sweaty, it feels perfectly find. This may be something you want to take note.

The Verdict

What can I say? It is a novelty that wears out pretty fast, or minutes in my case. I serve well to protect the phone, but the LED feature is just a side feature which I can do without.

The case is perhaps more suited folks who have the habit of placing the phone face down and always on silent. It can serve to notify you of common notifications, so you can decide if you want to pick up the phone.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Smart LED Case Review

However, the feature may be redundant if you have a smartwatch like I do. Overall, it is a good case, but I am skeptical if it worth US$49.99.

In case you are undaunted by my take and love the idea of fancy LED image on the back of the case, you may pick up the Samsung Galaxy S21 Smart LED Case from Amazon for the said US$49.99.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Smart LED Case Review

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