Super Nintendo World Universal Studios Japan

Super Nintendo World is supposed to open this month, but we heard that it is now on hold indefinitely due to the rise in COVID-19 infection. Even if it is opened as planned, folks outside of Japan will not be able to visit because, as we all know, traveling for leisure is definitely out of question. But fear not, my fellow theme park enthusiasts and fans of Nintendo’s Super Mario, you can be virtually there, well, kind of.

Thanks to Universal Parks News Today, you can take a virtual tour of this very anticipated new attraction at Universal Studios Japan. Universal Parks News Today has uploaded a bunch of videos on the Super Nintendo World and if you such a super fan, be sure to check them out.

Personally, I am only down for the Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge ride. You can virtually experience the entire ride, from queuing to the actual ride. There are two videos on this particular ride: one with the AR effects and one without the AR goggles. So, go ahead and dig them all in, fans of Nintendo.

Featured image credit: USJ.

Source: Engadget.