Finally, the superstar of the video game world, Super Mario, is getting his own theme park. The Super Nintendo World will open in February 2021 at Universal Studios Japan (USJ) in Osaka, Japan.

Super Nintendo World Universal Studios Japan

It will be basically the Super Mario universe in the real world, featuring a real-life Bowser’s Castle and an interactive Mario Kart ride, an augmented reality, interactive roller coaster.

Each Mario Kart, though on rails, features steering wheel and requires riders to wear AR headsets shaped like Mario’s cap. Riders will be able to race alongside each other and like the video game, riders will be able throw power-ups from item boxes.

Super Nintendo World Universal Studios Japan

USJ promised a different experience each time you ride. There’s also a thing called Power Up Band that lets to further melts the virtual world with the real world with key challenges, collecting virtual coins and items.

The Power Up Band can be linked with your smartphone to see your score, coins and digital stamps you have amassed. Much like the video game, game data can be accessed at special checkpoints. That said, a smartphone is a must to enjoy the soon-to-be-opened Super Nintendo World.

It isn’t quite a Super Nintendo World with just the world’s famous plumber. The park is set to expand to include a Donkey Kong-themed area. If anyone’s interested, more details can be found over at

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Images: USJ.

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