A $1.5 million face mask is an opulence even for some richie rich. Thankfully, there exists a “more affordable” luxury face mask in Japan. Created by fashion retail chain Cox Co are the Diamond and Pearl masks. Both luxe masks are handmade and embellished with diamond and pearls.

Cox Co Diamond and Pearl Masks

Cox Co aims to cheer up consumers (with the dough, obviously) and at the same time, revitalize the fashion industry which has been savagely destroyed by the pandemic.

Two models are available, namely, Diamond mask and Pearl mask. The former is a fabric mask adorned with a piece of 0.7 carat diamond, along with over 300 Swarovski crystals and more than 50 Swarovski crystal pearls while the latter packs a cool 330 Japanese Akoya pearls.

Cox Co Diamond and Pearl Masks

It is worthy to note that the Pearl mask is fairly hefty at 140g (4.9 oz). Also, it has to be worn over an actual mask as Pearl mask is merely a decorative piece that offers next to zero protection.

The Diamond mask, on the other hand, has three designs and in a choice of four colors fabric. Unlike the Pearl mask, Diamond mask is functional as a mask on its own, with the boon of a silk lining which will be ultra smooth on the skin.

Whichever luxe mask you choose, expect to pay a hefty price of one. We are talking a million yen plus tax here, which works out to be around US$9,600 based on current going rate. Well, not that you can buy the Diamond and Pearl masks outside of Japan anyways. The Diamond and Pearl masks are available for pre-order in Japan from Tokyo Design Channel.

Cox Co Diamond and Pearl Masks

Featured image by Reuters.

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Additional images courtesy of Cox Co [JP].

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