Wearing a mask is part of staying safe during the pandemic and you know what? Staying safe not only can be a fashion statement, but it can also be a luxury statement. Case-in-point: this world’s most expensive face mask created by Israeli luxury jewelry brand, Yvel.

Yvel World’s Most Expensive Face Mask

The unnamed face mask made its debut in August and cost a mind-bending US$1.5 million. Yes. You heard that right. A face mask that cost more than some of the world’s most exotic and limited hypercars. Imagine that!

The super luxe face mask features 3,608 natural black and white diamonds, weighing around 210 carats in total, set in 250g of pure 18K gold. Make no mistake. This is a fully functional mask and yes, it is totally reusable – thanks to a slot to insert a disposal N99 mask.

Yvel World’s Most Expensive Face Mask

And if you think this is a marketing campaign pulled off by Yvel then you’d be wrong. The mask is a real product, albeit a one-off. The world’s most expensive face mask was commissioned by a Los Angeles-based businessman.

The anonymous businessman placed to order with Yvel to help support the company and its operations in Israel and in the U.S. during the pandemic. The mask was designed by Isaac Levy, found and owner of Yvel.

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No words if Yvel will be making less expensive luxe face masks that average rich people can afford.

Images: Yvel.

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