Learning to fly and flying itself are both expensive. Radio Control aircraft, on the other hand, is significantly cheaper. But it does lack of the, you know, realism. After all, the “pilot” is on the ground. This is where FPV (first person view) flying can help to boost the realism.

Head Tracked FPV Radio Control Jet Pilot

However, FPV has its limitations. Like, unlike real pilots, you can’t turn your head up and down, and sideways to admire the glorious view when up there. Enter the Freewing L-39 DJI Digital FPV rigged to a head-tracking system.

With the DJI FPV kit hooked up to head tracking system, RC pilots will be able to do what a real pilot does: look down at the faux instrument panel, turn the surrogate pilot head side-to-side and up-and-down, just like a pilot will do when flying. Now that, folks, is the next level of FPV flying.

This particular example was piloted by RC pilot “Gui”. Gui has cleverly integrated the FPV camera into the pilot figure’s helmet and uses servo to enable movement of the tiny pilot’s head which moves the camera. It is, as Essential RC puts it, ingenious.

Forget about flight simulator. If you want a realistic experience of flying, this is it. OK. Maybe that’s not entirely true. But it is definitely true for the visual experience. Skip ahead and have a look at Gui’s Head Tracked FPV Radio Control Jet Pilot in action.

Head Tracked FPV Radio Control Jet Pilot

Images and source: Essential RC.

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