Head Tracked FPV RC Jet Pilot Lets RC Pilot Look Around When Flying, Just Like When Flying An Actual Aircraft

Learning to fly and flying itself are both expensive. Radio Control aircraft, on the other hand, is significantly cheaper. But it does lack of the, you know, realism. After all, the “pilot” is on the ground. This is where FPV (first person view) flying can help to boost the realism.

A DIY Kylo Ren TIE Silencer Takes Flight Here On Earth And It Is Beautiful!

Now, we all know TIE, which basically acronym for Twin Ion Engines, from everyone’s favorite sci-fi movie franchise won’t happen any time in our lifetime, but with a little help from some real-world hobby-grade electric motors and props, YouTuber Peter Sripol, has gotten a replica of Kylo Ren’s TIE Silencer to fly, beautifully, right here …

Watch Battlefield 1 Airship Battle Scene Played Out With RC Planes

We love anything that’s fun and you know what is fun? Playing out a video game scene, in real-life, with RC versions. Having said that, it is only naturally that YouTube channel Flite Test’s recent endeavor, recreating the Airship battle scene of EA’s new first-person shooter Battlefield 1, had our full attention. It is like …

CCP Nano-Falcon: World’s Smallest RC Toy Helicopter

get your fix for RC flying in this unpredictable weather with this Nano-Falcon, officially the world’s smallest RC toy helicopter from Japanese toy maker, CCP. despite weighing a feather light 11 grams (0.39 oz.) and measuring a diminutive 65mm long (2.6″), this infrared controlled nano-size RC helicopter features a dual

Spy Hawk

the technology used in military gadgets usually trickles down to the commercial market and radio control scaled modeling is among one of them to be blessed with the goodness of these (sometime deadly) technologies. which is a good thing cos’ now you can stop dreaming about piloting the Predator and do it for real at your own leisurely time with the Spy Hawk…

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