RC Battlefield 1 Airship Battle Scene

We love anything that’s fun and you know what is fun? Playing out a video game scene, in real-life, with RC versions. Having said that, it is only naturally that YouTube channel Flite Test’s recent endeavor, recreating the Airship battle scene of EA’s new first-person shooter Battlefield 1, had our full attention. It is like porn to us and we are naturally excited, but the question here is: will the enormous custom RC airship take off to play out the scene?

Well, the dudes have the RC bi- and tri-planes that will do the part and since they can’t actually pump hydrogen or helium to make a ‘real’ floating airship, they had to make do with multi rotors – eight of them to be exact, for lift. So, how did it turn out? Lets just say that, it was an excellent attempt. As for the rest, we shall leave it to you to find out in the video below.

Image: screengrab from YouTube video.