Cars are one of the best inventions ever created in this world today. Not only because it brings you from one point to another but also because it gives you comfort while you travel. However, despite the goodness it offers, we have seen how it destroyed our planet every day. It became a threat to human health, the release of carbon emission contributing to global warming and worsening the traffic congestion resulting in widening roads, creating a loss of many unused land space.

Many car owners also believe that using a car may not be the best choice when going somewhere. For example, the cost of fuel today is skyrocketing, and the maintenance you have to pay every quarter can add up quickly. Plus, the number of road accidents involving cars are becoming rampant. It is also frightening to consider being stuck in traffic for hours if you have a business to attend to or simply getting late for work because of traffic congestion. If you want to beat traffic congestion, here are some creative options that might help you overcome traffic that would not empty your pocket.


If you are looking for a creative option to overcome traffic congestion, you must try to walk to your destination, saying that it is within walking distance to your area. It may be sound tiring for some, but walking helps you become fit and physically healthy. Walking may take longer than using a car, but think about the sweat and calories you have shed within the span of your session. According to some health experts, walking helps you lower your blood pressure, maintain cholesterol levels, and put you in a good mood. When it comes to environmental impact, walking is very effective and efficient in saving energy.


If you are sick and tired of getting stuck in traffic and you want an alternative option, consider biking instead of using a car. Bikes are a lot cheaper compared to buying a car and have a relatively low maintenance cost. Plus, it is easy for you to maneuver through traffic congestion as some cities and states put a dedicated lane for all bikers. Making it a top choice as an alternative during rush hour. According to some scientists, riding a bike is fifty times more efficient than driving a car, and riding a bike is not powered by gasoline, making it an energy-efficient transportation option.

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Of course, not everyone can go to their destination through the use of a bicycle alone due to long routes making it impractical to use a bike. If a bus is servicing your area, consider yourself lucky and take it to your advantage. Compared to driving a car, buses can use less fuel per passenger and reduce traffic congestion on the road. Many areas have put a dedicated bus lane to, making it faster for you to reach your destination than driving a car.

Overcoming Traffic On An Affordable Budget
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If your work is located in an urban area, no doubt that there is a local train service that operates and gives you access. Train system does not have to deal with traffic congestion and can be faster compared to taking a bus and bike. However, using a train every day can be costly compared to using the latter, but local units see this as an opportunity as a long-term investment. Plus, each train carriage can accommodate more passengers than buses and produces less air pollution and noise. According to studies, taking the train can be more energy-saving on a per passenger basis.

Electric Scooter

Another creative option you can use when dealing with traffic is using an electric scooter. It was first launched in the early ’90s. However, it was too premature during that time, and companies had a hard time gaining attention because of its limitations. All electric scooters today are designed to be energy-efficient and use a battery pack for it to run. For the past years, it has shown a good number in the market. According to our folks in iScoot electric scooter help you save more money in terms of gas and parking fee in the long run. Making it a perfect alternative for public transportation. These scooters are lightweight and can help you avoid traffic congestion.

These are some of the options you can use when traffic congestion become too unbearable. However, keep in mind that these are just a band-aid solution. As a citizen of the world, we all need something that could solve all underlying issues such as traffic congestion, air and noise pollution and many more but we cannot do it as far as we do not make a change.

Featured photo by Connor Wang on Unsplash.

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