James Boon Moon Buggy Auction

Here’s a chance for fans of James Bond to get a piece of history of the famous silver screen MI6 secret agent. Up for grab later this month in a Hollywood memorabilia auction organized by Profiles In History is the Moon Buggy straight out of the movie the 7th James Bond movie, Diamonds Are Forever (1971, United Artists), starring Sean Connery (who was the first Bond, btw) as the flamboyant openly secret British agent, 007.

Fans may remember the vehicle as the Moon Buggy which Bond conveniently “borrowed” and drove from Willard Whyte’s space center and chased across the Nevada desert by the space center’s law enforcement officers. It is the exact same ride, featuring a steel frame construction with aluminum paneling and the cheesy-by-today’s standards perspex dome, along with a satellite dish and a pair of robotic arms.

James Boon Moon Buggy Auction
Credit: IMDB.

It is not something sci-fi would want, realistically speaking because, this thing has never set wheels on the lunar surface, let alone actually fit-for-moon cruising. Instead, we heard it fell into disrepair until someone came along and restored to its silver screen glory in the 1990s.

Despite its non-moon-worthy status and the lack of sleek lines and ejector seat, this James Bond ride is expected to fetch around £500,000 when it hit the private auction on September 25-26, 2019.

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Fun fact: the Moon Buggy was a dune buggy based on VW Beetle chassis. You’re welcome.

Featured image: United Artists.

Source: Luxury Launches.