If you haven’t already heard, RBS has announced the launch of NatWest biometric payments card, AKA Fingerprint Debit Card, pilot. The card is the bank’s effort to deter fraud. Logically it would, but if biometric technology on mobile has proven anything, it is never foolproof. Then again, it is way more secured than simply waving your card over a terminal.

NatWest Fingerprint Debit Card

Speaking of terminal, the card does not have a battery; instead, there’s an aerial loop of sort that picks up tiny amount of power from the terminal to power the onboard fingerprint scanner. We were honestly impressed by how the card maintained the same thickness as a regular card even with a fingerprint sensor embedded in it and needless to say, we are impressed that it needs no battery at all.

RBS said NatWest is working closely with digital security company Germalto, along with Visa and Mastercard to bring this convenient secured payment to the U.K. 200 customers that were invited to join the pilot will be able to use their fingerprint to verify transactions over £30 (about US$36).

Using it is as simple as tapping the card on the terminal while the registered digit is placed on the fingerprint scanner. Pretty snazzy, eh?

Images and source: YouTube (BBC Click).

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