What you see here is the Hermes Speedster by Seven Seas Yacht. No relation to the Parisian luxury goods company, btw. Hermes is name after the Greek god of messenger who is also known for speed.

Hermes Speedster Electric Speedboat

The second part of the name “speedster” is nod to Porsche 356 from the 1959, to which the vintage-styling of the boat is inspired by. The design also drew its inspiration of the Gentleman’s runabout boats of the 30s.

There’s no need to market the design to us. We are sold. Man, just look at this vessel. It is oozing with the vintage vibe and it is gorgeous. More importantly, however, is the drivetrain.

Hermes Speedster Electric Speedboat

This 22-foot long speedboat is outfitted with a 134 kW electric motor producing, paired to a 30 kWh battery system, that drives a jet propulsion system with a top speed of 45 mph.

The watercraft has a matching vintage-style, handcrafted interior and like some variants of the Porsche 356, it is a “drop top” too. A convertible top offers a safe haven from the elements when out in the open water, or when moored to the dock.

Hermes Speedster Electric Speedboat

Seven Seas Yacht said the Hermes Speedster can accommodate 5 people, but I don’t know man, it looks like it will be a tight fit. Perhaps 4 would be good number. You know, it nice to have room to boogie.

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If you are sold by its beautiful and you have US$269,000 to drop, the Hermes Speedster electric speedboat can be yours.

Hermes Speedster Electric Speedboat

Images: Seven Seas Yacht.

Hat tip: This Is Why I’m Broke.

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