The Casio G-Shock watch was born in 1983. This year, Casio is celebrating its 40 years in making tough wristwatches by letting the Boston-based retailer, Bodega, give one of its most iconic silhouettes, the DW5600, a makeover.

Bodega x G-Shock DW5600BDG231 Watch

The result is the Bodega x G-Shock DW5600BDG231 Watch dubbed “ANYTIME & ANYWHERE”. With this limited-edition 40th anniversary model, the classic G-Shock silhouette is treated to a smoky gray translucent case paired with a retro watch face featuring a world map that is part print, part digital.

The map can only be admired in its entirety when you activate the EL backlight. When lit up, the red and blue globe graphics appear with Bodega’s slogan “HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT” splashed across it.

Bodega x G-Shock DW5600BDG231 Watch

While the watch case and band are clean and minimal, the watch’s face is not. In addition to the world map which is always partially visible and the various labels for the various functions, the Casio branding is joined by Bodega’s logo and the “ANYTIME & ANYWHERE” branding.

The words “ANYTIME & ANYWHERE” can also be found engraved on the stainless steel case back, along with Bodega’s logo and the world map.

Bodega x G-Shock DW5600BDG231 Watch

True to its theme of “Anytime & Anywhere”, the Bodega x G-Shock DW5600BDG231 Watch is supplied with an alternative woven Bodega band with carabiner closure that would allow the watch to be hung on anywhere as opposed on wearing on the wrist. Kind of like a modern, adventurer’s interpretation of the pocket watch.

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Rounding up the Bodega touches is a removable stainless steel bumper for added shock protection and an extra dose of cool factor. Actually no. That’s not the end of Bodega touches. The final touch would be the special packaging which is presented in a special olive dab steamer trunk carrying case with custom co-branding.

The Bodega x G-Shock DW5600BDG231 Watch will sell for US$170 when it becomes available this month (February).

Images: Casio.

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