Riot Games’ League of Legends Championship is going on the luxe route come this November when its Championship Finals play out in Paris. Louis Vuitton has created a one-of-a-kind Trophy Travel Case to hold the Summoner’s Cup, the champions’ trophy.

It says “hold” so, does it mean it will be handed over to the champions along with the trophy? TBH, this part is a little cloudy. As a rule of thumb, we cannot assume if it is not explicitly stated. The bespoke trunk is the first of its kind for an esports championship.

Louis Vuitton League of Legends Trophy Travel Case

It features traditional Louis Vuitton savoir-faire along with “cutting-edge, high-tech elements” inspired by the League of Legends universe. This is, of course, not the first time LV has designed a trophy case. It had done it previously, with the most recent one being the FIFA World Cup Trophy Case. League of Legends World Championship, btw, is an annual event.

It has been a decade since the game’s birth and so I guess it is only fitting to give the trophy a luxe “house”.

Louis Vuitton did not stop at the Trophy Case. The designer brand has also designed champion skins, a capsule collected designed by LV’s Artistic Director of Women’s collections, Nicolas Ghesquière, and a bunch of other League of Legends digital assets.

It looks like video gaming and esports in general, are getting its due attention. The two together are a (financial) force to be reckoned with.

With esports officially gotten into international sporting games like the SEA Games 2019, plus the various collabs between video games and celebrities like Alan Walker and fashion labels like BAPE, it is inevitable that gaming will be a huge thing moving forward.

Images: Louis Vuitton.

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