Whether you are a busker who love to show off your axe-shredding skill to random strangers, or a musician who have sudden outburst of inspiration in the oddest places, I think the GuitarmaDillo Self-amplified Electric Guitar by ElectroPhonic is the musical instrument of choice for you. I mean, seriously, why wouldn’t it be? Imagine an electric guitar with a built-in AMP-1 analog preamp and 18W power amp with effects that lets you play whenever, wherever, and a Carolina Poplar body protected by an armor-like coating that you will never have to babysit it.

GuitarmaDillo Self-amplified Electric Guitar

GuitarmaDillo is not the first self-amplified electric guitar though; it is a newest addition to the original Model One lineup. As such it inherits much of the senior’s features, including the aforementioned APM-1 analog preamp, 18-watt power amp, and built-in analog delay and modulation effects – no pedals required. GuitarmaDillo comes outfitted with a lithium-ion battery that provides over 8 hours of playtime in between charges. I still can remember aspiring musicians were seen with guitar slung over their shoulder and a guitar amp in their hand. I guess with GuitarmaDillo (and Model One), that scenario would be nothing but a distant memory.

GuitarmaDillo Self-amplified Electric Guitar

Not only that, with GuitarmaDillo, musicians can even hit up beaches, camp sites, mountain top – basically, any remote area, and shred away without ever have to worry about the guitar because, this thing is effectively the “off-roader” of electric guitars. The GuitarmaDillo Self-amplified Electric Guitar is offered in five colors with prices starting at $849.

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Keep going to catch the GuitarmaDillo in action in the video below.

Images: ElectroPhonic.

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