with each new 3D printer that pops up in the market, it claims as the ‘most affordable’ and as we observed, each one is better looking than the other. as consumers, we welcome both. The Buccaneer Cloud 3D Printer is yet another ‘up and coming’ 3D printer that’s planning on bagging the title of the world’s most affordable home 3D printer. so just how ‘affordable’ is this ‘most affordable’ 3D printer? if its maker, Pirate 3D has its way, it should cost just $347. no doubt an unbeatable price at this present moment and makes us wonder: will everyone be using this to print their own firearms? well, amendment, ‘moral’ and social issues aside, that price is certain to get the 3D printing phenomenal sweeping through the market. it is so inexpensive that you could acquire this device together with a 3D scanner such as the Photon and still cost less than a grand.

if that’s not enough to excite you (but why wouldn’t it be?), perhaps its very Apple-isque minimalist and clean aesthetic might. made out from stamped steel parts, this polished aluminum and acrylic contraption does look like something the Cupertino computer maker would approve of. looks aside, it is not lacking in performance too. the device is capable of going as low as 100 microns, and print at a top speed of 50 millimeters per second. other features include a fume-barring air filter, a sleek top-loading central cartridge for ease of loading and unloading of raw materials, and it comes fully assembled and calibrated, ready for use right out of the box. all you need are some CAD files to start prototyping away. the company is planning to offer The Buccaneer Cloud 3D Printer for pre-order later this year and has applied to Kickstarter to launch a campaign.

Pirate 3D via Oh Gizmo!

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