you have been scanning and printing documents all the while – a task that’s pretty much a no brainer, but now, imagine this: scanning your favorite action figures and printing them. sounds too good to be true? not at all. especially when low-cost 3D scanners such this Photon 3D Scanner developed by Canadian firm Matterform wiggles their way to the consumer markets like what the 3D printer did, or are doing right now. the Photon 3D Scanner is a lightweight, desktop 3D scanner that uses a hi-def camera and dual laser lines to quickly capture 3D scans in a matter of minutes. the result of the scan is presented in real time as point cloud or mesh model (via a free companion software), along with dimensional data, ready to be imported to your favorite 3D program for further tweaks, or printed on virtually any 3D printer. and when you are with the machine, you can simply fold it up into a briefcase-like form and tuck it away on your storage shelf or bring it along with you when you hit the road.

Matterform has taken this awesome project to crowdfunding platform INDIE GOGO seeking for enthusiasts support to make the Photon 3D a reality and looks like it will be a reality after all: they have surpass their initiate goal by nearly 200 percent. that said, a 3D scanner could be within your grasp if you make a pledge of C$449 (about US$441), and that’s for the ‘batch #2’ with delivery expected to in September 2013. sorry folks, the early backers discount and the ‘batch #1’ which went for C$349 and C$399, respectively, are out, but still, C$449 is quite a deal for a full-fledge 3D scanner. we bet you have never dreamed it would be possible a decade back. yeah. neither do we.

INDIE GOGO via Inhabitat

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