Lomography DigitalLIZA+ and DigitalLIZA Max Film Scanning Kits

Whether you are a film photography enthusiast or you are holding on to a bunch of 35 mm negatives from the pre-digital imaging era, the new Lomography DigitalLIZA+ and DigitalLIZA Max film scanning kits can help to turn negatives into digital images.

Kodak Mobile Film Scanner Is A $40 Cardboard Scanner For Digitizing Negatives And Slides

Devices that digitize 35 mm negatives and slides are not new, AKA film scanners. However, if you are in the market for one that is 1) super affordable and 2) has little to not plastic for sake of sustainability, well then, look no further than the Kodak Mobile Film Scanner. For starter, it costs just …

A Ukraine Outfit Have Created The Most Accurate Desktop 3D Scanner

While 3D printers are advancing in print resolution, we can’t say the same for 3D scanner. Now, if you must be asking: what’s wrong with today’s 3D scanners? Well, nothing, really – if you are just scanning a cup or an apple. But if you are looking into scanning objects as complex as the sculpture …

This Old School Film Projector-Like Gadget Will Digitize Old Film Footage

If you have in your possession some 8mm and/or Super 8 reels that contains precious footage from the very old days, Wolverine Data as a couple of solutions which will let you turn them into digital format as future-proof keepsakes. The Reels2Digital Moviemaker and the Reels2Digital Moviemaker Pro are the gadgets that will allow you …

CowTech Wants To Disrupt The 3D Scanner Market With This $99 Offering

If you broke something and wish to 3D print that part, you surely don’t expect yourself to be drafting the entire part on a CAD program, right? This is where 3D scanner will prove to be helpful; it lets you scan a solid object which it can then be 3D printed, much like copier machine …

scanPAD Is A Big-Ass Stand That Turns Your Smartphone Into A Scanner

Forget about cumbersome desktop scanners, a Munich-based startup has devised a beautiful accessory that will turn today’s powerful smartphone into a scanner, well, kind off. Dubbed scanPAD, it is basically a precision machined aluminum stand that uses patent-pending suction pad to hold a smartphone overhead as it takes stills of whatever that’s place beneath it, …

Shining 3D Introduces World’s First White Light Desktop 3D Scanner, Priced at $799 and Up

A 3D printer’s potential is so much more when paired to a 3D scanner. Why? Because not everyone is comfortable mucking around with 3D programs. With a 3D scanner, it allows you to make copies of a product (kind of like photocopying, but slower process) and even modify them to suit you purpose. If that …

Doxie Flip Scanner

before the digital revolution, virtually everything personal comes in hardcopies, which more often than not, are at the mercy of natural deterioration. the humidity and nasty alien-like creatures like the silverfish never fails to threaten your precious memories. that is the fact of life, but lucky for us, there is an invention known as scanner

Fujitsu ScanSnap SV600 Contactless Scanner

well, this is going to be the one scanner that you probably wish your local public library will be equipped with, or you could acquire it for your home or office use if money is of no object. anyway, the Fujitsu ScanSnap SV600 Contactless Scanner uses overhead scanning technology, featuring the new “Versatile Imagine Technology”

Structure Sensor – Mobile 3D Scanner

just when we thought desktop 3D scanner was revolutionary, the Structure Sensor completely blew our minds away. Structure Sensor is basically a portable 3D scanner made specifically to work with iPad to capture objects as digital 3D models. beneath its anodized aluminum enclosure are IR emitters and cameras to do