Lomography DigitalLIZA+ and DigitalLIZA Max Film Scanning Kits

Whether you are a film photography enthusiast or you are holding on to a bunch of 35 mm negatives from the pre-digital imaging era, the new Lomography DigitalLIZA+ and DigitalLIZA Max film scanning kits can help to turn negatives into digital images.

Lomography DigitalLIZA+ Film Scanning Kit
The DigitalLIZA+

Expanding on the brand’s DigitalLIZA Scanning Masks, the Lomography DigitalLIZA+ and DigitalLIZA Max join Lomography’s original Smartphone Scanner – which is still available to buy, btw – to make scanning of the film easier and fun.

DigitalLIZA Scanning Masks, for those who don’t already know, is a jig-like device that holds 35 mm negatives for easy digitization using a camera or a flatbed scanner.

The new Lomography DigitalLIZA+ and DigitalLIZA Max expand on the concept by making it a system on its own for creating high-resolution scans of negatives using any smartphone or digital camera.

Lomography DigitalLIZA Max Film Scanning Kit
The DigitalLIZA Max

It is lightweight and compact to be brought on the road, so you can scan wherever you go.

Both kits include the 35 mm and 120 mm holders and feature a built-in backlight panel, a removable spirit level, and scanning masks for regular 35 mm and 127 negatives.

The difference between DigitalLIZA+ and DigitalLIZA Max lies in the “scanner”. The latter includes a Smartphone Stand compatible with any smartphone while the latter is for scans with a digital camera (not included, obviously. Plus you would need a tripod to complete the setup).

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If you are undecided on whether to use a smartphone or a digital camera, the Max kit is the obvious choice as it allows you to use either.

DigitalLIZA is essentially a rig, with a backlight, to hold the negatives for you to snap pictures of it. It is literally for digitizing the negatives. That said, in order to turn the digitized negatives into photos i.e. images with colors, tweaking of the images with a photo editor/app is required. It will be nice it works with apps like FilmLab. Just saying…

The Lomography DigitalLIZA+ and DigitalLIZA Max Scanning Kits are available now for US$74.90 and US$99, respectively.

Lomography DigitalLIZA Max Film Scanning Kit

All images courtesy of Lomography.