You are not seeing things. The Samsung Galaxy A13 has been on the market since late last year but it was offered exclusively on AT&T. In recent months, it is made available unlocked.

Samsung Galaxy A13 LTE Black
Pictured: Samsung Galaxy A13

The Samsung Galaxy A13 is the lowest in the food chain in the A series family. This means it is a low-cost device without bells and whistles. However, it does have 5G connectivity that many people crave.

The A13 has a very interesting design. It has no camera bump. Instead, each camera is embedded into the body like it was on Galaxy S22 Ultra. But unlike the Ultra, it has no protrusion. I kind of dig the look. Though it does bump up the overall thickness to 8.8 mm.

Samsung Galaxy A23 Lte White
Pictured: Samsung Galaxy A23

In addition, another A device will be joining the A13. It is the Galaxy A23 which will meet the world in a March 17 event, along with two other A series members. Or so we heard.

The Samsung Galaxy A23 is a mid-range device with a different chip (Snapdragon 680 4G vs Dimensity 700 5G), a tad more RAM, and paired with a battery with supports faster charging (25 W vs 15 W). Save for the thickness, the size is pretty much the same as the A13.

Skip ahead for the details for both devices.

Samsung Galaxy A13 Spec Info
Samsung Galaxy A23 Spec Info

Images: Samsung.

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