Redmi Demoed Super Fast 300 W Charging

Before we could let you in on what would be the market fastest charging smartphone, the Realme GT Neo5, which supports 240 W fast charging [CH], Xiaomi sub-brand Redmi revealed a record-breaking 300 W charging.

Redmi Demoed Super Fast 300 W Charging
The Chinese text said “300W Godly Flash Charging in Progress”

Xiaomi fast charging technology has come a long way. An 80 W fast charging was a jaw-dropper barely 3 years ago and today, we are seeing 300 W charging that could top a phone in just 5 minutes.

Xiaomi shared a timelapse video of this out-of-this-world, mind-blowing development on Weibo [CH]. The video shows a modified Redmi Note 12 Pro+, dubbed Magic Modified Edition, armed with 4,100 mAh (as opposed to the original 4,300 mAh) and the charging circuitry necessary to support this insanely fast charging technology being charged.

Anyhoo, as seen in the video, the phone was already 50% full in a little over two minutes and it was completely topped in just 5. That’s just about enough time for me to take a leak. It is very impressive, if not mind-blowing.

We hope to see this technology hit the market soon.

However, I do have a concern that packing so many electrons into the battery so quickly will affect the battery’s longevity.

Images: Weibo [CH].