If you think Lenovo Legion Duel’s 90W wired fast charging is insane, well then Xiaomi’s latest charging innovation will blow your mind. The Chinese handset maker (and maker of pretty much everything else) has just show off a super fast 80 W wireless charging.

80W Mi Wireless Charging Technology

Xiaomi said it has set a new record in smartphone wireless charging and we have no doubt they did. The only question is, how safe is it? Anyhoo, Xiaomi said that it takes scant 8 minutes to get a 4,000 mAh battery from empty to 50 percent and another 11 minutes more to full.

The development is a significant one. If materialized, it will put all of today’s so-called super fast charging to shame and make Google Pixel 5‘s 18W wired charging feels like ancient tech.

While we welcome faster wireless charging, battery technology has to be on par too, if not better. It makes no sense if packing in more juice faster will shorten the battery life significantly. And then there’s the all important safety issue. Now, we don’t want super fast charging, wired or wireless, to be a potential pyrotechnic display waiting to happen, do we?

Of late, Xiaomi has been obsessed with super fast charging. While Oppo did demoed a 125W crazy fast wired charging in July, it was Xiaomi that put 120W wired charging into its Mi 10 Ultra just this past August.

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Images: Xiaomi.

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