There is a modern adage that many people throughout both this country and beyond all subscribe to and that is that once you invest in one Apple product, you’re unlikely to ever buy any other make of electronic product ever again.

So, whether you have always been an Apple fan and have always been the proud owner of an iPhone, or if you have only just switched to the iconic brand, either way, you’ve definitely clicked on the right place.

Continue reading to learn about four awesome things you probably never knew your iPhone could do. 

1.   Track Your Phone Even When the Battery Dies 

There’s nothing more frustrating, in the context of a first-world problem, of course than needing to find your phone when you’re already late for an appointment and being unable to set off a ring alert due to the battery being empty.

However, following these simple steps will mean you’ll literally never lose your iPhone:

  • Open “Settings”
  • Select “Apple ID”
  • Select “Find My”
  • Select “Find My iPhone”
  • Select “Find My Network”

2.   Call Emergency 911 Without Dialing

Naturally, if you’re ever in need of emergency services, you’ll probably not be thinking calmly and this is why the next tip is especially helpful.

If someone needs to dial 911 and is unaware of your passcode, all they need to do is to push the button on the side and one of the buttons on the other side, then drag the “Emergency SOS Slider” across.

One of the savvier decisions you could make and one which will also afford you the latest exciting capabilities of the iPhone, yet without the brand-new price tag, would be to invest in a refurbished iPhone 13 unlocked to any network.

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3.   Aid Your DIY Efforts With A Spirit Level

Another surprising and incredibly helpful thing that you may not be aware your iPhone can do is to help you with a myriad of DIY projects, from hanging a picture to building a shelving unit.

Simply open the settings widget on your iPhone’s home screen, then click “Measure” and then “Level” and instantly transform your smartphone to an accurate spirit level.

4.   Visible Yet Silent Notifications 

The fourth and final impressive addition to the numerous other helpful and often, entirely surprising, things you never knew your iPhone could do is regarding how you’re notified that you’ve received a message or a call.

Especially useful for those who are hard of hearing, but a great feature for any iPhone user, is the fact that you can now be notified of a WhatsApp message, multimedia message, text message, Facebook message, and even Instagram and Snapchat, with the flashing of a subtle and private light.

Essentially, the same built-in function in the back of your iPhone that provides the flashlight tool is also equipped to notify you visually with a bright flashing light. Simply enter your settings widget, then select accessibility, then audio/visual, then switch the “LED Flash for Alerts” sign on.

Featured photo by Ameen ALmayuf on Unsplash.

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