just when we thought desktop 3D scanner was revolutionary, the Structure Sensor completely blew our minds away. Structure Sensor is basically a portable 3D scanner made specifically to work with iPad to capture objects as digital 3D models. beneath its anodized aluminum enclosure are IR emitters and cameras to do the job and has a mobile-optimized range of between 40 centimeters to over 3.5 meters, letting you model anything from a coffee table to a room in their 3D entirety. these recorded data can then be imported into a CAD program for further tweaking, or if it is a small object, simply send it to a 3D printer and make copy of the object. well, it looks like stealing of ideas has never been easier, isn’t it?

other ancillary features include night vision capability for your iPad, playing of augmented reality games, and with the SDK in place, the application of the Structure Sensor is virtually limitless. oh did we mention that it is totally hackable? yea. hackable. which means this sleek little device is not just limited to iPad, but it could be connected to nearly any platform that supports USB and the availability of open source drivers across multiple platforms only makes hacking even more accessible. though designed primarily for iPad, specifically the fourth generation model, the Structure Sensor can also work with Android devices – all you need is a USB OTG adapter and an Android device that supports USB host mode.

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whether you are a geek or tech enthusiast, we are sure the Structure Sensor mobile 3D scanner will excites you as much as it does to us – that’s if you have $349 to spare. the Structure Sensor is a fully funded Kickstarter campaign and therefore, backing it means a guarantee that you will receive this exciting tech toy by February 2014.

Kickstarter via Oh Gizmo!

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