you can’t really call yourself a true hardcore FPS gaming fan unless you have one of these on your head: the ComRad Wireless Gaming Audio Helmet by Hyperkin. designed to replicate a military helmet (much like the Enhanced Combat Helmet as used by the US Forces, if you ask me), this totally rad helmet will not only offers you an immersive audio experience, but also exert a visual presence in, well, wherever you are gaming at. it’s an awesome idea; but it is a shame that your online comrades and opponents won’t be able to see how dedicated you are to your “job” as a virtual soldier. the rig features in-game and chat audio, detachable boom microphone, as well as wireless connectivity and built-in rechargeable battery to maintain a true tether-free audio/chat experience so that you can perform your utmost in the ‘battlefield’ without spending half the time cursing at the cables. face it. it happens – especially when re-spawning becomes too frequent and you have to blame it on someone or something.

from the looks of it, the ComRad does look pretty realistic and comes complete with helmet suspension, chin strap and three interchangeable helmet covers – digital camo woodland, digital camo desert, and a woodland camouflage – to suit your personal preference, or for the super hardcore ‘soldier’, to suit the game environment that you are in (though it hardly matters. you do know that, right?). compatible with Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U, Wii, PC, as well as Mac. shipping starts September 27, but you can pre-order the ComRad Wireless Gaming Audio Helmet now for $59.99. catch a few more look in the image gallery below.

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