Smartboy, The Case That Turns Smartphone Into A GameBoy Is Real!

Remember, Smartboy? The April’s Fools joke which Hyperkin decided to turn into a real world product? Well, as it turns out, it is a real thing now. That took quite a while; it’s more than a year since the tease, but I guess for GameBoy fans, it is better late than never. According to the […]

Hyperkin’s Smart Boy Will Turn Your iPhone 6 Plus into a Working Game Boy

April Fools’ jokes are not all about fun. Sometimes jokes dished out by businesses turn out to be a neat (and fun) way to gauge consumers interest for a fake product. Hyperkin’s Smart Boy is one such example. So what’s exactly is a Smart Boy? Well, it is a device that purportedly turns an iPhone […]

ComRad Wireless Gaming Audio Helmet

you can’t really call yourself a true hardcore FPS gaming fan unless you have one of these on your head: the ComRad Wireless Gaming Audio Helmet by Hyperkin. designed to replicate a military helmet (much like the Enhanced Combat Helmet as used by the US Forces, if you ask me), this totally rad helmet will not only