April Fools’ jokes are not all about fun. Sometimes jokes dished out by businesses turn out to be a neat (and fun) way to gauge consumers interest for a fake product. Hyperkin’s Smart Boy is one such example. So what’s exactly is a Smart Boy? Well, it is a device that purportedly turns an iPhone 6 Plus into a Game Boy of sort, allowing you to play Game Boy and Game Boy Color games utilizing iPhone 6 Plus glorious 401ppi display. The device, which looks like a Game Boy with its top lopped off, complete with an eight-way D-pad, two action buttons, plus a start and select button. In the post by Hyperkin on Facebook, it also states that it will include a battery offering up to 5 hours of game play and rechargeable through the phone itself.

When we first caught the concept art, we didn’t think it was a joke but being posted on March 31st, we took it with a pinch of salt. A subsequent post on April 2 confirms that Smart Boy conceived to test the level of interest in this product, while disguising as an April Fools’ joke. Apparently, we all want it and so, Hyperkin also confirms on the April 2 post that the Smart Boy is now in development. So hurrah, Game Boy is going to live again. We can’t wait to play Donkey Kong with it. But imagining the possible development hurdles, both software and hardware, it probably won’t be hitting the market anytime soon, that’s if it even can get the licensing iron out.

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via Gigazine

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