before the digital revolution, virtually everything personal comes in hardcopies, which more often than not, are at the mercy of natural deterioration. the humidity and nasty alien-like creatures like the silverfish never fails to threaten your precious memories. that is the fact of life, but lucky for us, there is an invention known as scanner that allows us turn those hardcopies into lasting digital copies. then again, not every objects can be scanned without damaging the subject or even if you did manage to do so, scan result may not be satisfactory (especially when it comes to books). this is where the Doxie Flip Scanner comes in. it is an uber mobile flatbed scanner that runs off battery power and scans up to 600 dpi to the included SD card, so that you use it virtually anywhere without being tethered to a computer. you can choose to use it as a regular flatbed scanner, or flip the top off to scan just about anything, from scrapbooks to pocket notebooks to high school yearbook and even coins. a transparent scanning window lets you line up your target scan area, thereby ensuring perfect scans every single time – even if you are grabbing off pages from a thick bound book.

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most importantly, it is built compact and totally portable, so you can really take scanning to the mobile age. who would have thought that? we certainly did not. though it is designed to scan up to A6 size (4×6″), larger originals can also be scanned, thanks to an AutoStitch feature (available in December 2013’s software update) that seamlessly merges multiple scans together to form one large image. an included software further expands the Doxie Flip Scanner capability by allowing you to import scans right to your PC or Mac and the same software also allows for easy organizing and sharing of the scans. and oh, it also supports cloud sharing through popular platforms such as Evernote, Dropbox and more. together with invention like the Lomography Smartphone film scanner, the Doxie Flip Scanner makes the perfect tools to digitize precious memories that would last for generations. available now for just $149 a pop. more product look after the break.

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