readying yourself for the eye-watering, visual assault of 4K televisions? then the Sony FMP-X1 4K Media Player might just be your cup of Earl Grey. this sleek little device offered by the Japanese electronics giant is the industry first media player set to deliver the wholesome goodness of 4K resolution and is slated to hit the stores this summer for $699. available to consumers of Sony 4K UHD TV, the FMP-X1 will come preloaded with 10 feature films and video shorts in true 4K resolution. expect the bundled feature films to include The Amazing Spider-Man, Salt, The Bridge on the River Kwai, Total Recall (2012), Bad Teacher, Battle: Los Angeles, The Karate Kid (2010), The Other Guys and Taxi Driver. additionally, users of the 4K media player will also be granted access to a fee-based video distribution service offering a library of 4K titles from Sony Pictures Entertainment as well as other notable production houses. a boon to owner of the first-gen video server is, they will be able to swap out their old device for the new Sony FMP-X1 4K Media Player when the distribution launches this fall.

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