AC Ryan Brings 4K Playback to Streaming Media Player with Veolo 4K

4K content is not widespread yet, but that does not mean you cannot be prepped for its imminent arrival. That said, you can start by acquiring a 4K-capable TV if you haven’t done so and a 4K-capable streaming media player, such as the AC Ryan Veolo 4K Streaming Media Player. Veolo 4K is the latest […]

Sony FMP-X1 4K Media Player

readying yourself for the eye-watering, visual assault of 4K televisions? then the Sony FMP-X1 4K Media Player might just be your cup of Earl Grey. this sleek little device offered by the Japanese electronics giant is the industry first media player set to deliver the wholesome goodness of 4K resolution and is slated to hit the stores this summer for $699.

REDRAY 4K Cinema Player

there are a couple of reasons why one might be in need of a 4K cinema player: first, you probably have a 4K video rig and a 4K UDTV but don’t have a player to playback those ultra high definition footages and two, you are just one heck of an insane videophile who believe that the only the best resolution available to mortal beings is the only resolution that your eyes should…