if you happen to be one of those pro designers caught in the 4K bug, then you are definitely going to go gaga over the newly announced Fusion-io 1.6TB ioFX Graphics Accelerator. the 1.6TV ioFX joins the 460GB model, catering to demanding creative professionals working with 4K Visual Effects Production, Stereoscopic 3D, Digital Intermediate, Computer Assisted Design (CAD), and Video Editing. of course, its capability goes beyond the aforementioned and it will gladly assist you in handling encoding, transcoding, particle simulations, as well as working with large quantities of cached data. with its massive spec, the ioFX aims to relieve the load from the CPU, thus letting you tap on the full native power of your machine and enabling you to complete your work with greater efficiency. needless to say, such power is reserved for the pros, but as always, if you have the dough to drop, we can’t imagine who would stop you from building an insane rig that for your own personal use. the Fusion-io 1.6TB ioFX Graphics Accelerator is slated to be available this summer, though pricing details are not known as yet. however, if you can’t wait till then, you can opt for the Fusion-io 420GB ioFX Graphics Accelerator that comes with a hefty $1,995 sticker. if the price of 420GB variant is any indication, you should have a rough idea on how much the 1.6TB version will set you back at. in the mean time, you can learn more about the Fusion-io ioFX HERE.

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