As the calendar changes from the 2010s to the 2020s, it seems that technology is evolving faster and faster, making major changes to the way we live. So, what will be the next big technology trends in the twenties, and how will they affect your life?

1. 5G
It feels like we’ve been hearing about 5G for years now, but 2020 promises to be the year that 5G really comes up to speed. 5G is already available in some big cities and on a limited number of networks, providing superfast mobile speeds that can even beat your home’s broadband.

While you may not get 5G in your area just yet, you may wish to consider buying a 5G phone next time you’re offered an upgrade, as you’ll then be ready for when it rolls out.

2. The Blockchain
The average consumer may have only heard of the blockchain in the context of Bitcoin, but many businesses are now implementing its technology to improve their digital offerings.

It can provide a secure connection for data and communication, and the blockchain is already being used in a wide range of industries, from storing passenger data for border control, to helping make mobile payments more secure. In the 2020s, there will no doubt be a lot more stories about the blockchain.

3. Big Data
Big Data is often spoken about negatively in the news, but it certainly has a number of uses in analytics, allowing you to not only see what’s going on in your market but also where it’s going to go next.

Google uses these sorts of analytics to rank websites, so you can also take advantage of this by using a free schema mark-up generator to help search engines understand your site. From UX to social media, you’ll no doubt be using Big Data to analyze your site’s performance in the next decade.

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4. Self-driving Cars
Self-driving cars are the stuff of sci-fi novels. Yet, great progress has been made towards having fully autonomous vehicles (AV). Tesla has already launched cars that offer self-driving features such as lane centering and cruise control, so full self-driving may not be that far off. Who knows, you may soon be able to take a nap on the way to work while your car handles the stress of dealing with traffic.

5. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
As computers advance, so does the potential for AI or machine learning. Anyone with even a vague interest in tech will have heard plenty about AI in the 2010s, and in the next decade, it’s likely that computers will be able to take on more complicated tasks and even learn without human intervention.

Digital voice technologies are likely to be in the news a lot, as AI improves they’re likely to offer more advanced personalization, starting to understand human’s emotional states and offering support and companionship rather than just information.

When combined with data from tracking devices such as your Apple Watch, this could mean that the machines in your house start to know you better than your friends or partner.

AI will also help you to optimize the available resources, reducing production costs and shortening the lead times. You will even be able to use an AI music creator to generate the music that you need for your projects. From marketing automation to predictive analytics, AI will become an integral part of every business.

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