Evangelion is never associated with luxury, but here it is, an Evangelion timepiece that’s definitely in the luxury watch realm. And it is not just any timepiece; it is a pocket watch. A Rei Ayanami-themed pocket watch, to be precise.

EVA x U-Treasure Rei Ayanami Pocket Watch

Folks, meet the EVA x U-Treasure Rei Ayanami Pocket Watch, a pocket timepiece with a mysterious design that is as mysterious Rei Ayanami herself. The watch features 3D image of Rei flanking the sides and the watch has a skeleton dial face and a second hand inspired by the Spear of Longinus.

The clip too, was inspired by the mythical spear while Spear of Cassius, as seen in Evangelion 2.0: You Can (Not) Advance, is the inspiration of the carabiner of the attached chain.

EVA x U-Treasure Rei Ayanami Pocket Watch

The 3D elements are what make this pocket watch stood out. Man, it just look so good. Rounding up the package is a mechanical movement, a skeletal back adorned with NERV logo, and the serial number of the watch.

The EVA x U-Treasure Rei Ayanami Pocket Watch is, as the product name implies, a collaborative product with Japanese contemporary jewelry maker, U-Treasure.

EVA x U-Treasure Rei Ayanami Pocket Watch

As mentioned in the beginning, it is a thing of luxury. It can be had for a grand 363,000 yen (which works out to be around US$3,300) from evastore.jp as well as on u-treasure-onlineshop.jp where you can find a bunch of other Evangelion-themed jewelries.

EVA x U-Treasure Rei Ayanami Pocket Watch

Images courtesy of U-Treasure [JP].

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