New or upgraded mobile technology arrives every year and gives users countless fun ways to pass the time. Current trends, however, show a special interest in social entertainment. They encourage people to interact, safely and creatively. Industry updates are bright with apps and collaborations that should prove very exciting in the months to come.

As tech consumers become more familiar and immersed in mobile experiences, additional entertainment milestones are sure to emerge, inspired by the efforts of Snapchat, Netflix and the other big brands to be discussed below.

Online Mobile Landscape Today
With platforms like Zoom, TikTok and all social media thriving at the moment, developers are hard-pressed to invent new forms of entertainment to impress the masses. The competition is fierce, but companies have managed to embrace the digital world and deliver their services to smartphones around the world.

The internet is full of online learning, fitness and even business management services, fully accessible on any device. You can have a psychic chat with a tarot reader through TheCircle’s easy and discreet system or app. Interacting with someone who cares to listen and help deal with your concerns, whether personal or professional, is invaluable. That is why new social technologies are something to look forward to.

Snap Minis Are Here

How Snap Minis and Netflix Are Improving Social Mobile Experiences

Providers handing out games and all sorts of fun experiences is great. But being given the reins to creating your own social space is far more interesting. Based on HTML5, Snap Minis provide the tools for users to produce bite-size apps, which can be shared with friends. Headspace, for example, has unrolled its contribution, which comes in the form of a meditation program.

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It contains six encouraging sessions of a few minutes each that help you Just Breathe, Kick the Panic and even Be Nice to You. Meeting friends just got so much more relaxing. How Snap Minis are used is entirely up to individuals and their needs. If you want a place to quickly set up a group card game, calendar or notepad, this software is becoming the best for the job.

Netflix and Samsung Join Forces
This partnership’s potential is plain to see. A leading manufacturer of mobile technology alongside the entertainment industry’s top streaming service opens a lot of doors for the companies and users alike. This union is still in its early stages, so all we can do is wait for their ideas to become reality. Samsung does promise access to Netflix via different programs, such as Bixby.

On top of that, users can expect improved capabilities in its models to integrate Netflix features properly, but also special gifts for loyal customers. In social terms, friends can already watch films and series on smartphones together, with Netflix Party, but this opportunity should be a formidable step up.

If this news is any indication, the number of things you can get into from the palm of your hand is about to increase. From homemade apps to super-efficient streaming treats, however you enjoy spending quality time with friends and family, the mobile industry is always here to serve.

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