If you are a person who prefer to have the power strip on your desk, then you are going to love the Torras PowerCloud. Torras PowerCloud is a power strip and a USB hubs rolled into one. And it is not just not any USB hubs. It stakes claim as the world’s power strip with a Power Delivery fast charging tech.

Torras PowerCloud Power Strip and USB Hub

The dual PD USB-C offers a max output of 65W. In addition, there’s a USB-A port with QC (18W) support, plus 3 AC outlets with a total output of 1,250W. Speaking of AC outlets, they are widely spaced to accommodate even large plugs and power adapters, and that, my friends, is a thoughtful touch. You’d be surprised many power strips don’t even consider this aspect.

As with most modern charging devices, Torras PowerCloud has a bunch of safety features like children safety cover and a host of protection, ranging from overheat and over current protection to overcharging protection to under voltage protection. On top of all that, it has a fire-resistant case too.

Torras PowerCloud Power Strip and USB Hub

Rounding up the package is a beautiful, convention-defying power strip design that begs to be showed off on the desk. Man, just look at that thing! It is certainly not what we have in mind for a power strip, with or without USBs.

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The only downside I see is, it is offered in two AC outlet standards: North America and EU standard. No UK and Australia standard is kind of a bummer. It will be lovely if it has universal outlets which should allow it to work across the globe.

Torras PowerCloud Power Strip and USB Hub

If you are sold by the idea (and why wouldn’t anyone???), you can pick up a unit as a pre-order on Kickstarter for just US$55-US$59. The campaign is funded and now, it is a matter of Torras fulfilling the orders sometime in January 2021.

Images: Torras.

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