Fans of Evangelion will want to check out this new EVA-02 The Beast statue by Infinity Studio. It is depiction of the Evangelion Unit-02 that went on “Beast Mode” (kind of like a berserk, but the pilot is in control) in the Rebuild series – specifically, Evangelion: 2.0 and Evangelion: 3.0.

Infinity Studio EVA-02 The Beast Statue

However, we are not sure which “beast mode” this statue is based on. I guess I am not a mega fan after all. But, I am not seeing a tail and it does not appear to have extraordinary long lower teeth, and so I am guessing it was based on 2.0 which we saw Mari piloted the EVA-02 that went on ’beast mode’.

Anyways, it is a stunning piece featuring boatload of details that bring out the menacing, animalistic form of the EVA unit. It’s downright creepy, but that the essence of EVA was captured anyways.

Infinity Studio EVA-02 The Beast Statue

Infinity Studio EVA-02 The Beast Statue is not merely a statue; it is complete with diorama. The beast is in mid-air stirring up a cloud of smoke behind it with debris (read: trashed buildings) just below it. There are even shard of glasses too.

The statue is mainly of polystone, but it also has fabric, faux leather, and PVC in it too. No weight it given, but there is no doubt it would be a hefty piece because, it is a large statue measuring half a meter tall, 38 cm width and 27 cm long (19.7 x 15 x 10.6 inches).

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The statue is available to order in China via the official Infinity Studio’s store on Taobao. The asking price in China for the Infinity Studio EVA-02 The Beast Statue is 5,080 RMB, which works out to be around US$734. You can also pre-order it on Big Bad Toy Store for US$774.99.

Infinity Studio EVA-02 The Beast Statue

Images: Infinity Studio.

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