If there’s one thing the world most famous bricks can’t do, it would be functioning roller coaster models. Not that nobody has done it; it has been done, but there’s just one problem: true-to-LEGO roller coasters function rather jerkily simply because LEGO don’t have purpose-built track pieces. Even there were actual track pieces, you will probably kill your braincells thinking how to go about putting one together. Well, here’s an easier way: Cyclone LEGO Compatible Roller Coaster Construction Toy. As the product name implies, it is a non-official LEGO set but it is compatible with your favorite bricks anyhow, so you can customize it to however you see fits.

For $149, you get over 1,000 pieces of parts, along with instructions, to build a fully functional roller coaster model as pictured above. And if you think the model here looks exceeding like a real roller coaster, well, that’s because this is a properly engineered model conceived by real engineers, including a real-life roller coaster designer. Hell, you’d be hard-pressed to find a real car engineer behind toy cars, let alone a roller coaster construction toy. So, you’d be building a pretty accurate roller coaster, despite it being a toy set.

Cyclone LEGO Compatible Roller Coaster Construction Toy

The roller coaster model stretches 4 feet long and features the requisite drops, and twists and turns. It even incorporates a manually-operated miniature chain lift to haul the cars on to the first hill where the Earth’s gravity will do the rest. The only things lacking here are a station and automation, but those can easily integrated with your spare LEGO bricks and by adding a LEGO Power Functions and battery box.

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Want one? You can pre-order the Cyclone LEGO Compatible Roller Coaster Toy over at Kickstarter for the aforementioned price in the next 17 days or so. The project has already met its funding goal, which means, it is a go and your pledge constitutes to a pre-order which will be fulfilled in May 2017. Keep going for the product pitch video to learn more.

Cyclone LEGO Compatible Roller Coaster Construction Toy

Cyclone LEGO Compatible Roller Coaster Construction Toy

Images courtesy of CoasterDynamix.

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