Infographic: How To Order A Beer In 17 Different Countries

We heard of a story about a Chinese artisan who was so immersed in his work that he never stopped to drink water until break time and when he do drink, he drank only Chinese tea (and he was a very old man, btw). Strange. Perhaps, it was his passion tea and his preference of not wanting to enjoy the beverage he love under the sun where he worked. So, I imagine beer devotees would be more or the less be the same even as they jet set around the world.

That being said, if you count yourself a big time beer lover who is always in need of a cold one wherever you land like a pro, then here’s a sweet infographic on how to order this bitter nectar of the Gods when you are globetrotting. It is not comprehensive, but hey, at least it got 11 percent of the world covered which its a start.

Credit: Expedia.