Thor Mjolnir Hammer Prop Replica

Thor Mjolnir Hammer Prop Replica
Thor Mjolnir Hammer Prop Replica | US$394.99 |

the hype for The Avengers has probably died down but i am sure that would’t stop true fans from continuing to collect their collectibles. instead of hunting down the Iron Man’s glove or the Hulk’s fist, we think it is their weapons that are the most desirable as collectibles. if you haven’t got your collection going (there aren’t much weapons from The Avengers gang actually), perhaps you can kick off your collection with Thor’s weapon of choice, the Thor Mjolnir Hammer Prop Replica. what makes this replica so impressive is its construction: crafted from a combination of aged steel, wood and aged harness grade leather that combines to display the many battles it has been through. this replica measures 17-inches tall, with the head measuring a good 8 1/2 inches long by 5 1/2 inches wide, sits on a wooden display base at the same angle as when the hammer was first discovered on Earth. it looks exactly just like the one used in the movie, except that it is light enough to be wielded by you or any other mortals and not just the God of Lightning. oh, and there’s one more thing: the next time you travel, you will still need buy an air ticket cos’ flying is not included with this Mjolnir Hammer. i am sure you know that, don’t you? you can call the Thor Mjolnir Hammer Prop Replica your own if you are willing to part with $394.99 of your wealth and it’s a limited edition replica with only 500 pieces to go around, world wide. its a pre-order, therefore expect shipment to be sometime in August 2012. click on the above image for larger view.

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