These Inflatable Dino Costumes Are Official Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Merchandises. Believe It

When it comes to movie merchandises, action figures, tees, posters et cetera are the norm, but costumes? Not so much. Official costumes do exist, but they are mostly costumes that make the wearer looks, you know, like the character in the movies who are mostly humans. However, these latest costumes relating to Jurassic World: Fallen […]

Kill Kat Vinyl Figure Is Probably The Most Evil Kit Kat Of All

Evil exists in many forms. Some are obvious, but some like junk food are not immediately apparent. The Kill Kat Vinyl Figure you see here makes it obvious. If the name Kill Kat is not being apparent enough, then the six inches tall conjoined candy evil twin faces should. Oh, those are too cute? What […]

Batman Utility Belt Prop Replica

no self-respecting Batman fans would go without a Batman Utility Belt Prop Replica (note: it says ‘Batman’, so not to be confused with Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight). unlike the sold out JLA’s rendition, this appears to be wearable, or at least there isn’t any text that says you shouldn’t.

Doctor Who K-9 4-Port USB Hub

this robotic canine which appears on and off throughout the many years of Doctor Who won’t pop laser from its nose, or offer you a wealth of encyclopedia knowledge, but it does make an awesome laptop or desktop computer companion by providing an additional four USB ports. instead of bagging a replica toy or display, why

Gangnam Style PSY Pop! Vinyl Figure

at this point, the latest Internet sensation PSY should be no stranger to the Internet community – thanks to his hit song ‘Gangnam Style‘ that has hogged the iTunes most downloaded chart’s top spot for the longest time that we can remember. along with PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style‘ is the accompanying bold and provocative music video that features the Korean dude’s…

Thor Mjolnir Hammer Prop Replica

the hype for The Avengers has probably died down but i am sure that would’t stop true fans from continuing to collect their collectibles. instead of hunting down the Iron Man’s glove or the Hulk’s fist, we think it is their weapons that are the most desirable as collectibles. if you haven’t got your…