Evil exists in many forms. Some are obvious, but some like junk food are not immediately apparent. The Kill Kat Vinyl Figure you see here makes it obvious. If the name Kill Kat is not being apparent enough, then the six inches tall conjoined candy evil twin faces should. Oh, those are too cute? What about the in-your-face pentagram printed on the Kit Kat-like wrapper? Is that obvious enough? No? What about its expiry date of 6/6/6, or perhaps 666 calories per serving it has, and the fact that is the number of the beast? Still no? Seriously, what are you???

Kill Kat Vinyl Figure Designed by Andrew Bell

Never mind. In any case, all efforts were thrown in to make you realize the potential evilness of this particular irresistible junk food which we have no doubt is a stab at Nestlé’s popular confectionery, Kit Kat. Based on the original sculpture by British-born American artist Andrew Bell of Dead Zebra. Inc., this devilishly cute vinyl figure comes in variants randomly inserted throughout the production run and so, you will never know if the beast wants you the dark chocolate or not. I guess it depends on how evil are you. It is not edible, btw, but I think you know that already.

Kill Kat Vinyl Figure Designed by Andrew Bell

Arriving in stores January 2018. But if you want to ensure you secure a unit, you hit pre-order it from Entertainment Earth for a modest $39.99. Hmmm, I wonder what are Rowntree’s thought on this? Maybe they will buy a couple for their offices? I don’t know. I mean, the inseparable pair are adorable, aren’t they? A couple more looks available after the jump.

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Kill Kat Vinyl Figure Designed by Andrew Bell

Kill Kat Vinyl Figure Designed by Andrew Bell

Images: Dead Zebra, Inc.

via GeekAlerts.

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