this robotic canine which appears on and off throughout the many years of Doctor Who won’t pop laser from its nose, or offer you a wealth of encyclopedia knowledge, but it does make an awesome laptop or desktop computer companion by providing an additional four USB ports. instead of bagging a replica toy or display, why not make this little fellow work for you and your computer, while still having the opportunity to gaze at it lovingly every time you work? produced by Underground Toys, the Doctor Who K-9 4-Port USB Hub is modeled after the Doctor’s faithful canine sidekick and comes complete with touches of rusted look that makes it looks so realistic. a perfect computer accessory for any USB port-hungry, Doctor Who fans aka Whovians. you can pre-order the Doctor Who K-9 4-Port USB Hub now from Entertainment Earth for $39.99 a pop. expect shipment to begin in July 2013. so if you are ready to part with 40 bucks for a USB hub that rocks, this could be it. don’t worry, even if you weren’t a Doc’s fan, you can still get it for its awesome novelty factor.

Entertainment Earth via Oh Gizmo!

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