say you can’t get enough of hard-to-read timepieces and the too street-cred TokyoFlash does not match up to your opulent lifestyle, then you really have to check out Harry Winston Opus XIII Luxury Watch (US$tba). it took us a few moments to realize that the fifty-nine ticks there, are actually pivoting hands representing the minutes, while the eleven pop-out triangles give the hour. this very unusual time telling device is accompanied by a little bit of a sideshow: which is a trapdoor that makes the minutes and hours appear or vanish almost magically. powered by a mechanical manual-winding movement with 35 hours of power reserve, this sideshow of luxury watches features a 44.25mm case in 18k white gold, matching polished bezel and lugs, satin-brushed caseband, a faceted sapphire-crystal dome, water-resistance to 30 meters, and hand-sewn black alligator leather with, again, 18k white gold folding buckle. by now, we are not sure if we are enthralled by the complicated time telling method, or the beauty of the time piece as a whole.

with just 130 pieces going around, you may not be able to lay your hands on one even if you have pots of money. damn. we are still awed by the movement. it is just so, mesmerizing. really. you really got to check it yourself in the video below. warning: don’t fall asleep (didn’t we say it is mesmerizing?).

Harry Winston via Geeky Gadgets

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