What are the odds that someone is looking for Christmas gifts for folks who are super fans of Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice (Warner Bros., 1988)? In case you are, Fun.com has a bunch, including a pair of new Beetlejuice kicks: Unisex Beetlejuice Recently Deceased Maroon Sneakers and Unisex Beetlejuice Stripe Sneakers. Any super fan will want both, IMHO.

Officially Licensed Beetlejuice Shoes

Personally, I think both are significant to the movie. How? The Unisex Beetlejuice Recently Deceased Maroon Sneakers is a direct reference to the film’s The Handbook for the Recently Deceased – the book Barbara and Adam Maitland received after drowning in a car accident.

It is a perfect homage to the film, IMHO. The pair of kicks features the color of the book, maroon, with cover art of the book on each side, and white outsole that makes the entire setup look super classy.

Meanwhile, the tongue is rocking the classic Beetlejuice logo against the stripe pattern that is synonymous to the title character’s suit.

As a bonus, you don’t need to be dead to bag a pair. All you need is just US$39.99 to score a pair.

Officially Licensed Beetlejuice Shoes

The Unisex Beetlejuice Stripe Sneakers, on the other hand, is a nod to the title character’s attire with black and white stripes, and Sandworm from Saturn patch on the side. Sandworm, huh? Betelgeuse will not be amused!

We love how the black and white stripe design is paired to purple lace and lime green outsole. Somehow, I find it very, well, Beetlejuice.

Oh, don’t bother trying to say his name 3 times and expecting the shoes to appear right before you. However, you can pick up a pair for US$39.99-59.99. And no, the ability to bio-exorcise is not included in the deal.

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All photos provided by Fun.com.

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