Mercedes-Benz x TAG Heuer watch & Rodenstock shades

Mercedes-Benz TAG Heuer watch and Rodenstock Sunglasses 544x399px
(image: Daimler) Mercedes-Benz TAG Heuer Watch (US$tba) / Rodenstock x Mercedes-Benz Sunglasses (US$na) |

Mercedes-Benz and TAG Heuer have been through years of collaboration and to mark this years of cooperation between the two marques, TAG Heuer and Mercedes-Benz Style has come together to developed an exclusive limited edition watch. detail are still scant at this point, meaning that no word on its pricing and availability but at least you know if you have the money, you still have a shot at this watch. however, that’s not the case for this next item: the Rodenstock x Mercedes-Benz sunglasses – a creation to mark what Mercedes-Benz dubbed as “Engineering skill par excellence”, “a unique designs study as a highlight of their successful cooperation.”
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this pair of exceptionally light pair of sunglasses sports a rather unique design, and is handcrafted from pure titanium. now for the bad news for you Mercedes-Benz aficionados – this is an one-off item made exclusively for this occasion and it was presented in the ongoing Frankfurt Motor Show. nevertheless, don’t be too dejected as there is always the Rodenstock Mercedes-Benz Collection for your taking. a closer look at these two items after the break.

Mercedes-Benz Rodenstock Sunglasses 544x238px

Mercedes-Benz TAG Heuer Watch 544x888px

SOURCE: Daimler

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