Custom LEGO Steampunk Battleship by A.Graham LEGO Design

If there’s one genre that has not received as much love from LEGO, it would be steampunk. Ok. I know steampunk is totally fictional, but so are many other LEGO sets, and therefore, it is not entirely audacious to think the Custom LEGO Steampunk Battleship by A.Graham LEGO Design, submitted to LEGO Ideas, deserves some serious love. There’s something about high-tech setup in an era that weren’t suppose to that tickles our imaginations and the allure of steam-powered technology that powers familiar, everyday machines is beyond words can describe.

Custom LEGO Steampunk Battleship by A.Graham LEGO Design
A render of what the Steampunk Battleship will look like.

A.Graham LEGO Design’s rendition may not stick to any particular recognizable theme like the steampunk AT-AT, but still, it is as steampunk as it can gets. The Steampunk Battleship has most steampunk elements, if not all. It features a suitable amount of copper/bronze accents on a predominantly brown setup that reflect the use of copper/bronze and wood typical of steampunk machines, and then there are the chimneys that hint of the presence of some sort of steam-powered engine(s). There is no backstory on A.Graham LEGO Design’s MOC and hence, we are not quite sure if the Steampunk Battleship of his is destined for waters, or flies. It would be nice to know that Steampunk Battleship flies because, a flying steampunk ship is sure as hell dope as f@*k.

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If you are on the same page as us and has the desire to see Steampunk Battleship becomes an official LEGO set, then head on down to Steampunk Battleship LEGO Ideas page and drop a vote. Hopefully, it will be able to garner enough up vote to get it to be considered by LEGO. I know, its a long shot, but if we try, it might just happen. And oh, while you are at there, you may want to take a look at a couple of awesome steampunk projects, Steampunk Airplane Cloudpiercer by drdoddo, and the Scifi Steam Locomotive by FungWan. The latter is not quite exactly steampunk-ish though. It is worthy of a look nevertheless because it has a very Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow and Iron Sky vibes to it, which is kind of along the line of steampunk theme.

Custom LEGO Steampunk Battleship by A.Graham LEGO Design
It may be a render, but it will grow on you. Do do not resist its allure!

Images: A.Graham LEGO Design.