Remember the crazy thin LG OLED TV, W7 we first saw in January? If you have been anticipating for the 77-inch variety’s arrival, well, it has now arrive in the U.S. The ginormous 77-inch class “wallpaper” LG Signature OLED TV W (77W7) was launched at Video and Audio Center in Los Angeles yesterday (June 28) which also marked the TV’s official availability in the U.S. And how much are you looking at? A whopping $19,999 is what LG’s asking in exchange for this mind-boggling thin, super sized TV set. 20 [email protected]*king grand! Imagine that.

LG Signature OLED TV W Series Ultra HD TV

That’s a sum that would have some folks maxing out several credit cards at single go. But in exchange, your pride and joy would be a huge-ass TV that is ridiculously thin (“Picture-on-Wall” form factor as LG calls it), touts an unparalleled picture performance of OLED technology, immersive Dolby Atmos sound, and “unmatched high dynamic range (HDR) capabilities.” With the 77W7, your retinas will be pampered by perfect blacks, stunning brightness, and an expanded color gamut which, coupled with the sharpness and details offered by 4K resolution and billion of colors, is capable of displaying 64 times more shades of color over conventional TVs.

LG Signature OLED TV W Series Ultra HD TV

Though, to be honest, we are not quite sure what ‘conventional TVs’ really are and therefore, this ‘benchmark’ is kind of vague. But I am sure you get the idea what LG’s pushing, plus, you don’t really need technical specs and marketing talks to convince you that you are staring at a brilliant display. And brilliant display is what LG has been dishing over the years. Man, these guys (from LG) must have picked up a lot from Sony, eh?

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The 77W7 joins the 65-inch variety, the other Picture-on-Wall TV, the $7,999 65W7, along with four other 2017 lineup which includes Picture-on Glass models, the 77- and 65-inch G7 ($14,999 and $6,999) and 65- and 55-inch E7 LG OLED TVs ($5,499 and $3,999), in addition to the more affordable 65- and 55-inch C7 and B7 models (starting at $2,999 and $2,949, respectively). All told, LG now has 10 TVs to offer to U.S. consumers.

Images courtesy of LG Electronics.

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