sleeve or case? that’s often a tough decision when it comes to scouting out for an iPhone 5 case. so save yourself the dilemma and get yourself a Hard Graft iPhone 5 Back Up Case & Cover that, as its name implies, is both a case and a sleeve. there’s nothing magical here: the product comes as two parts, a vegetable tanned Italian leather-clad snap-on case, handmade in Italy, and a 100 percent wool felt cover (aka sleeve) that offers the added protection for your Apple smartphone when chucked into a bag. the latter is an excellent idea for non-believer of screen protectors cos’ that wool felt cover basically eliminates the worry of the non-protected front being scratched whilst in a cluttered bag. additionally, the wool felt cover features nifty ‘V’ cutout that not only allows for easy retrieval of the phone, but also doubles as a clever stand that props up the phone for activities such as FaceTime or watching videos. the Hard Graft iPhone 5 Back Up Case & Cover has a retail sticker of £80, or about US$125, but if you so desire, you can grab just the Leather Back Up Case for £50 each (about US$77). click past the jump to find a few more beautiful images of the Hard Graft iPhone 5 Back Up Case & Cover.

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