no self-respecting Batman fans would go without a Batman Utility Belt Prop Replica (note: it says ‘Batman’, so not to be confused with Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight). unlike the sold out JLA’s rendition, this appears to be wearable, or at least there isn’t any text that says you shouldn’t. so we are assuming that it is perfectly fine to don this $249.99 stash-it-all belt wherever you go and for whatever occasion of your choosing. unfortunately, it will not aid in your crime fighting (if you do have such intention), cos’ firstly, it is in of a non-Batman friendly color (but probably goes well with the 80s suit) and secondly, it does not come ‘pre-stock’ with grappling hooks or bat-shaped throwing stars (not even the Bat-shaped money clip!), but i guess it is good for just about every average joe’s stuff like cash, cash and more cash.

seriously, we couldn’t think of any use other than bills. perhaps, Batman fans would have a better idea of how to utilize this utility belt, though judging from the size of pouches, it would not take much other than tiny bits of whatever you have. and oh, the buckle there? well, i am afraid it isn’t metal, cos’ it was described as “a black metal-like finish”, which indirectly says it isn’t of metal. all that for 250 bucks of your hard earned dough. your choice. btw, it is a pre-order – expect it to be ship this July.

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