the Chainless INgSOC Hybrid Bike you see here may well be another proof that alien lifeforms might be walking among us. i certainly hope they, designers Edward Kim and Benny Cemoll, weren’t playing host to the creatures that we fear and curious about when they came up with the Chainless INgSOC Hybrid Bike. alien-looking is not the only thing this futuristic bicycle is about; the technologies that go into it is, well, almost alien-like too. the bike combines the aerodynamic shapes of triathlon designs, flexible handling of traditional bikes, and an advanced hybrid drive train (and that includes, pedal power which appears to be rather earthly), resulting in a hybrid bike that looks like no other.

obviously, this is a concept design and with concept designs, especially coming from independent designers, we will never know if it will ever be made. continuing with the advanced technologies, the INgSOC has a frame made of carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) that is said to offer the best in high strength yield to weight ratio. if you think that is nothing hi-tech in today’s context, you are probably right, but wait for this: apparently, it has the adaptability resulting from “mono-direction reinforcing of the frame, directing stiffness by orientating carbon fiber strains along a projected trajectory.” seriously, enough of the alien language. we need those translated into plain English.

speaking of which, why do we have a feeling that this is a blueprint for the invasion of earth? though, the more “earthly” drivetrain should quell the paranoid selves here. it has an unspecified electric motor, battery powered naturally, which allows for three modes of riding: electric-powered, electric-assist, and of course, pedal-power. the battery feeds the motor, the front and rear lights, plus a charging dock for your gadgets and is kept juiced by the pedaling motion. if this is indeed aliens work of art, they had to be the greenest alien ever (pun intended). you know, the little green man? just saying…

Exquisite via Inhabitat

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